When and how to reopen businesses

We should be extremely careful about the businesses we start to open and the safety measures, testing and tracing systems we can put into place.  We need to listen to the experts about this.  I saw a documentary about the 1918 Spanish flu and it could have been stopped much sooner had social distancing been put in place.  However, we were in the middle of WWI and soldiers fighting the war were transmitting it around the world.  The US lost 675,000 lives due to that pandemic, which was more than the lives lost in several wars combined.  We need to learn from the past and be patient.

​For starters, I would open up outdoor public spaces, such as golf courses, parks and beaches with strict safety measures.  Then open up other businesses slowly.  Also continue the work from home model whenever possible, stagger work hours, have PPE on site, on site testing and on site contact tracing.

​This is going to be a slow recovery back to normal.  We can’t flip a switch on this.  All we can do is turn turn the dial slowly.  We all want to get back to normal.